Works-In-Progress Workshop

CFP: Works-in-Progress Workshop at IWCA Conference

(Deadline: August 1, 2012)

In the spirit of collaboration and to provide meaningful support to ongoing writing center research, the IWCA will again host the Works-in-Progress Workshop (formerly announced as the IWCA Research Network Forum) at this year’s IWCA Conference in San Diego (October 25-27, 2012). The WiP Workshop will feature researchers presenting works-in-progress (article-length drafts, research plans, grant proposals, and other projects) to small groups, and invited respondents will provide feedback.

Researchers will be responsible for finalizing a reviewable version of an article-length draft, a research/methodology plan, a grant proposal, or other project one month prior to the conference so that those drafts can be made available to invited respondents. To propose a work-in-progress, you do not have to be accepted to present at IWCA.

The WiP Workshop schedule and process:

Proposals are due by Wednesday, August 1.
One month prior to the conference (September 25), researchers will e-mail works-in-progress and writer’s questions to the WiP Workshop organizers.
Organizers will distribute drafts and writer’s questions to respondents, who will then have the month leading up to the conference to review the drafts and prepare written responses.
During the workshop, researchers will briefly present their works-in-progress.
Following the presentation, the respondent will lead the discussion of the work-in-progress by sharing prepared feedback.
We hope you will consider proposing a work-in-progress for the IWCA Works-in-Progress Workshop. Should you wish to be considered for this session, please complete the proposal process that follows.

Submitting a Proposal for the IWCA Works-in-Progress Workshop, 2012

Submit your proposal as an e-mail attachment (Microsoft Word or rich text format) to the WiP Workshop chair Bobbi Olson. The proposal should include an abstract or description (350 words max) of your work-in-progress. In addition, please identify the current stage of this work and what you would like feedback on in particular.

Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, August 1, 2012.  Proposals should be e-mailed to

Reviewable draft due to WiP Workshop organizers for distribution to respondents: Tuesday, September 25, 2012.

If you have questions about the Work-in-Progress Workshop, please contact Bobbi Olson at