Conference Schedule

The overall conference schedule for Saturday, February 25th is:

9am-9.50am: Registration, coffee/tea service, and light refreshments

10am-10.50am: Panel 1

11am-11.50am: Panel 2

Noon-1.00pm: Lunch

1.10-2.00pm: Panel 3

2.10-3.00pm: Panel 4

3.10-4.00pm: Community Hour

A draft of the schedule for all sessions is here. Thanks to Wendy Rider at Antelope Valley College, and the rest of conference proposal review team, for getting this put together so quickly.

New! The draft conference program is now available, including information about presenters and descriptions for each session. Attendees will receive a hard copy program on registration. Thanks to Stephanie Liu-Rojas at Pomona College for putting together such a great program!

All rooms have built-in computers and projectors. We advise presenters, if they are using technology, to bring a laptop and thumbdrive and be prepared with contingency plans. Mac users, bring a dongle!