About Us


The Southern California Writing Centers Association has been meeting as an informal body since 2003, a result of a meeting of two writing center directors, Shareen Grogan and Wendy Menefee-Libey at the 2003 International Writing Centers Association Summer Institute. The organization was formally created in 2005, and drafted Articles of Association in 2011. The Association provides a venue for collaboration and cooperation between the various Writing Centers of the Southern California region. The purpose of the Association is to further the theoretical, pedagogical, and political interests of writing center professionals and to encourage dialogue about writing centers and writing tutoring from all levels of public and private educationĀ as stated in our Constitution and Bylaws. SoCalWCA is an affiliate organization of the International Writing Centers Association.

Members of the Association meet once or twice per semester, at various colleges and universities around the region. Once per year, the Association hosts a Tutor Conference, encouraging discussion between our diverse tutorial cohorts. The Spring 2018 tutor conference was the largest ever, and included more than 300 participants!

In 2012, the Association hosted the biannual International Writing Centers Association meeting in San Diego.

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