2016 Tutor Conference


The 2016 Southern California Writing Centers Association Tutor Conference will take place on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Thanks to Sarah Skripsky and the staff at the Writers’ Corner for hosting us! Check back over the summer and fall for further information. The 2016 conference theme is:

Believing and Doubting: Writing Center Ethics, People, and Practices

Like all SoCal WCA Tutor Conferences, this conference is created by tutors, for tutors. Directors have a parallel meeting and cannot attend tutor conference sessions unless they sit quietly in the back.*

New this year: Directors can choose to submit a roundtable topic for discussion during the directors meeting; roundtable topics can be submitted through the proposal form and have the same deadline as tutor submissions.

Roundtable facilitators should take the first 5-10 minutes to describe their topic and why they are interested in the proposed topic. The rest of the roundtable session should feature group discussion regarding the proposed topic.

The roundtable can take one of two forms: 1) mentoring: the roundtable directors describe and/or model a successful initiative, followed by group discussion; 2) brainstorming: roundtable directors describe an idea or initiative they would like to pursue and request support and feedback from the assembled group during the group discussion portion.

Click here to view the Call for Proposals online and here to download the conference poster.

Proposals are due no later than December 1st 2nd, 2015. This is a firm deadline! Thanks for your submissions!


*A note for professional staff and directors: Remember that the SoCal WCA Tutor Conference is a conference by tutors, for tutors. Traditionally, professional staff and directors attend the director’s meeting rather than the tutor panels. However, if you or members of your staff would like to attend tutor panels, please remain observers rather than participants during the group activity and discussion. Ideally, tutors should be the active members during these sessions.