How to Host

Interested in hosting our next Writing Centers Professionals’ Meeting? Please check out the information below for all the details you need to host!

If you are interested in hosting, please email Debbie Goss at

  • Preparation timeline
    • Generally spans 3 weeks (April 28-May 19)
  • Attendance
    • Historically, attendance at a WCP Meeting averages around 30 people, but we have had as few as 14 and as many as 50.

  • Action items:
    • Coordinate with SoCal WCA Board
      • Obtain meeting agenda
      • Obtain any readings/meeting materials
      • Obtain dietary restriction, access accommodation, and parking information from RSVP list. Provide campus map
      • Communicate if you have any questions or concerns
    • Reserve venue
      • Some institutions provide the space for free, and some institutions require a reservation fee
      • One larger space for the main meeting is needed
      • If necessary, smaller rooms for breakout sessions may be needed
    • Request/arrange for equipment 
      • Venue furniture (podium, tables, tablecloths, chairs, check-in desks)
        • Tables and tablecloths for the food may also be needed if not provided by catering option
      • Audio/visual (microphone, camera if doing remote accommodation, projector, speakers)
      • Wifi for guests 
      • Check in area furniture, near parking (tent, table, chair)
      • Signage if campus is on the larger end from parking to venue
    • Arrange for catering
      1. Keep in mind that the meeting typically has (1) food/drinks served for a morning coffee/tea table and (2) food/drinks for lunch. 
        • An additional option is keeping the coffee/tea table for after lunch if possible or requesting another one if not. Definitely omittable if costs need to be monitored 
      2. Decide what vendor you would like to work with (institution’s catering or food vendor outside institution).
        • Institution catering may be more convenient but also more expensive. Depending on what your institution has, you may be able to negotiate what’s provided and/or prices. 
        • If you decide to work with outside food vendor, you may have to pick up the food yourself or have it delivered, set it up, etc. However, it may be more affordable/more appetizing than what your institution has to offer,
      3. Make sure to take dietary restrictions into consideration when choosing food and drinks.
        • If food is buffet-style, small signs in front of each dish stating its name and possible dietary precautions is good.
        • An alternative is to provide a food menu with the same info, plus ingredients, for guests to have prior to the meeting day.
      4. Make sure to arrange for the food to be ready at lunchtime according to the meeting agenda. 
        • Again, institution’s catering would make keeping the food warm and preparing it easy. Extra effort is required if choosing from an outside vendor. 
    • Identify guest parking info 
      • Where do guests park?
        • Consider: distance from venue, accessibility
      • Are there any fees associated with parking or permits required? If so, provide that information to guests
    • Prepare any other materials
      • A welcome packet may be a nice touch
        • A folder with the meeting agenda, campus map, etc. can be provided at check-in near parking or at the venue
          • Optional: can include a goodie bag with whatever you’d like to include
      • Name tags at check-in 
      • Pens or markers at check-in
      • If you’re keeping track of guests, you may want to have a paper copy of the RSVP list or a digital one via a laptop, tablet, etc.
    • Prepare staff
      • Your admin team may be busy with the meeting itself or other tasks. Having extra staff is helpful for the following:
        • Working check-in stations 
        • Taking pictures of event
        • Troubleshooting any technical issues
        • Assisting with small tasks 
      • Customarily, an admin gives a very brief welcome address to attendees. This is not a requirement, but is always a nice touch for the host to add
        • If a Dean, Provost, VP etc. is no available, the hosting director/WCP hosting lead can also prepare opening remarks to deliver for themselves
          • High ranking admins have calendars that book out far in advance. It is recommended to seek someone for the welcome address as soon as you begin planning