Conference Schedule

2023 SoCal WCA Online Tutor Conference Schedule

TimeWebinar Presentations (Main Conference)Zoom Room #1 Workshops & roundtablesZoom Room #2 Workshops & roundtables Zoom Room#3 Workshops & roundtablesZoom Room#4 Workshops & roundtables
Opening Remarks: President Kim Arbolante
10:10-11:00Supporting Students through the Writing Center’s Physical Space” (Cal Lutheran, 50-minute group presentation)“Mentoring Students through Uncertainty in the Writing Space” (MiraCosta College, 50-minute group presentation)“Almost Normal: Creative Resilience and Accessibility through Online Tutoring” (Antelope Valley College, 50-minute group presentation)
“Expanding Writing Center Inclusivity: A Qualitative Study Assessing the Needs of Neurodivergent Students” (Pitzer College, 50-minute group presentation)
“Boosting Writing Adviser’s Mental Health” (Occidental College, 50-minute group presentation) Sustained 
11:05-11:55“From Disequilibrium to a ‘New Normal’: More Effective Writing Centers after the Pandemic” (Bakersfield College, 50-minute roundtable discussion)“Strategies to Review Papers with Controversial Topics” (Concordia University Irvine, 50-minute roundtable discussion)“Assessing the Writing Center’s Role in Disruptions to ‘Traditional’ Learning Environments” (UC Irvine, 50-minute roundtable discussion)“The Gendered Writing Experience” (Occidental College, 50-minute roundtable discussion)Sustained Resilience” (Point Loma Nazarene University, 50-minute group presentation)
12:00- 12:50“Hosting a Conversation on Fostering Resilience Through Incorporating Critical Race Theory in Tutoring Practices” (Occidental College, 50-minute group presentation)Antiracism in the Writing Center: Embracing Racial Diversity and Enacting Change” (El Camino College, 10-12 minute individual presentation)
“To Foster Resilience, WHY and HOW tutors should help student-writer tutees construct a ‘self-transcendent purpose’ for learning and writing (Oxnard College, 10-12 minute individual presentation)
The Incorporation of Expressive and Poetry Writing in Our Writing Centers” (El Camino College, 10-12 minute individual presentation)
Value-Creating Global Citizenship Education in the Writing Center” (Soka University, 50-minute group presentation)“The Writing Center as a Site of Community and Collaboration: Physical Space as a Medium of Resilience” (CSU San Bernardino, 50-minute group presentation) “Supporting Resilient Writers Through Mindful Crafting in the Writing Center” (Mira Costa College, 50-min workshop)
12:50-1:20LUNCH BREAK
webinar remains open but inactive
no open Zoom
no open Zoom

1:20- 2:10 ”Creative Approaches for Persevering Through “New-Tutor Anxiety”” (Oxnard College, 50-minute group presentation)“Impetus of transformational linguistic Justice. (Soka University of America, 50-min workshop)Managing Noise and Distractions in the Writing Center” (50-min workshop) 
2:10- 2:20
Closing Remarks:
Vice President Debbie Goss