Call for Proposals

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The Southern California Writing Centers Association invites proposals for our 2020 Tutor Conference. This conference, SoCal WCA’s 16th, will be held at the University of California, Los Angeles on Saturday, February 29, 2020. The theme for this year’s conference is “Equity at the Center.”

At their core, writing centers are welcoming spaces where composition tutors meet and respect all writers as unique individuals and learners. Writing centers aim to create environments that are equitable and inclusive.

For the 2020 Tutor Conference, we ask you to consider what equity and inclusion look like at our writing centers—in our tutoring practices, in cross-campus relationships, and in our missions.

You might consider the following questions as you develop your proposal:

    O How do our centers strive to treat each writer as unique, but to treat all writers equitably?
    O How do we make individualized instruction and support available to all members of our student body?
    O How do we ensure that the barriers that students experience are addressed and a variety of options are provided?
    O How do we make sure that tutors benefit from our commitment to equity at the center?
    O How do tutors develop as professionals committed to equity and diversity?
    O How can inclusivity and equity at the writing center enhance working relationships with cross-campus partners—faculty, libraries, counselling and academic services, and other resources?
    O What challenges do our centers face for providing equitable and inclusive spaces? How should our practices evolve to face them? Are there seemingly insoluble contradictions between writing center work, and the goals of equity and inclusion? How do we respond to these contradictions?

Proposals were due by Friday, November 1, 2019 midnight. (Please note that this is a firm deadline.) The proposal review committee will be in touch about the status of your proposal by November 18, 2019.